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Po-Hao Chen (Howard Chen) is a musculoskeletal radiologist and the Associate Imaging Informatics Officer at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. He is also the director of the CC Imaging Data Science Center and chairs the Imaging Institute's AI Advisory Council. Dr. Chen received his MD and MBA from Harvard University in 2012. After finishing his diagnostic and nuclear radiology residency, he underwent fellowship training in clinical imaging informatics and musculoskeletal radiology, all at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He was a finalist in an innovation challenge sponsored by UPenn, and some of his prior projects were supported by Microsoft Research and some by the Microsoft BizSpark program. He has published in imaging informatics, machine learning, and radiology process improvement.

You can find his profile on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or follow the blog Figure Stuff Out. He is also the creator of Radiology Data Quest, a data science blog focused on radiology. Howard enjoys imaging informatics, healthcare innovation, and good comfort food. The content of this website and his blog are of Howard's personal opinion and does not represent the view of the Cleveland Clinic.

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ARIES - Web-Based Bayesian Analytics for Diagnostic Support

  • Plug-and-play Bayesian "artificial intelligence" for diagnostic support and education, with real-time update of differential diagnoses.
  • Various features presented at 2016 SPIE Medical Imaging and 2018 SPIE Medical Imaging conferences
  • Educational mode presented at 2016 RSNA annual conference
  • Contributed to Bayes net research leading to additional oral presentations at ASNR, ACR, and SIIM.
  • Supported in part by an RSNA Educational grant with open-source release. Not a commercial product
  • Capricorn - Radiology Residency Analytics Tool

  • Residents: Track cases automatically for ACGME and MQSA. Discover discrepancies. Review attending changes to preliminary report. Crowdsource teaching files. (website)
  • Program Director: Curate resident performance dashboards. Identify great calls. Recognize underperformers.
  • Decreased missed PE on CTA by trainees using data-driven integrated quality improvement initiative
  • 2 peer-reviewed manuscripts on usability and on statistical analysis of attending variability.
  • RSNA oral presentations on analytics and approach to crowd-sourcing teaching files.
  • Winner of the 2014 Open Source Leadership Award at SIIM. Not a commercial product.
  • Centaur - Rapid-Fire Learning Module for Basic Imaging Findings

  • Radiology education tool. Single player "video game"-like mechanics. Rapid fire cases. Instant feedback. (website)
  • Trains perception of normal versus abnormal features.
  • 2 oral presentations at the RSNA conference.
  • Peer-reviewed manuscript showing improved trainee ability to perceive abnormality after one 20-minute session.
  • RadCare - Resident-Led Radiology Consultation for General Medicine Wards

  • Created in-person consultation service for radiology residents to integrate with general medicine teams as part of normal radiology rotation.
  • 43% of all consultations led to a change in immediate clinical management decisions.
  • Radiology residents were shown to be no less productive while on consultation compared to in reading room.
  • 2017 AUR Research Scholars award for oral presentation.
  • Integrating natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to categorize oncologic response in radiology reports

  • Created 9400 manually curated reports using structured reporting system "Code Oncology."
  • Studied the effect of NLP techniques (filter-based feature selection, N-gram tokenization, stop-word removal, word stemming, and tokenization models such as TF-IDF) on classification accuracy.
  • Compared performance of multiple machine learning algorithms on predictive accuracy.
  • Peer-reviewed manuscript published.
  • Unsupervised genomic and epigenetic analysis

  • Developed new techniques for probabilistic modeling of epigenetic relationships between miRNA, mRNA, and DNA polymorphism using differences between patient samples to bypass need for a priori data annotation.
  • Predictions validated by biochemical bench analysis.
  • Technique utilized in manuscripts published Science, Cell, Molecular Cell, and BMC Genomics.
  • Select Publications

    Curriculum Vitae

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